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FAQs and FACTs about QuickSnipe

After registration, I have not received confirmation email. Is there a problem?

When you sign up or change your email in your Profile", QuickSnipe will send you an automated confirmation email. There is a link in this email, by clicking on it you can confirm your email address and receive email updates on your current snipes. Usually, it takes 1 to 5 minutes to receive this email.

What if you've signed up for QuickSnipe.com, but then did not receive an email confirmation? You will not be able to benefit from email notifications on pending snipes or retrieve a "lost password."

If you don't receive an email your ISP, server, or email client is blocking our automated messages. This is often a result of anti-spam software marking them as "spam" or "bulk" email. You will need to change your settings in your anti-spam software or use another address which excepts all incoming messages. You can change your QuickSnipe email address in the members section under "Profile" tab.

If your email address is not confirmed you can still use QuickSnipe for automatic bidding but you will not receive email updates on your bids.

I did not receive an email, when I won an auction. Am I supposed to receive it?

We do not send emails to indicate that an auciton was won. If you are the winner of an auction, eBay and the seller will notify you via email.

How do I change my bid amount?

Our system makes it extremely easy to modify your max bid amount. Login to your account and on the "main" page (the first page you see when you login) you will see your pending bids list. From here you can change the bid entry in the editable field for all auctions you want modified. Then push the "update" button and your bid(s) will be updated in our system.

How do I cancel my bid after its placed?

Next to each of your pending bids you will see a "delete" link. You can delete your bid at any time from here.

How do I track my bids?

Login to your account and you will immediately see all of your pending bids. To see your successfull bids you can view the "Completed" tab. Which list all previous successful and unsuccessful bid attempts with a description of why bid was won or lost.

What does "UNIDENTIFIED HIGH BIDDER" mean on my pending screen, beside one of my items I have placed a snipe on? Is this me?

"UNDEFINED HIGH BIDDER" means that currently this auction has no bids at all (that's why high bidder is not determined). You may be the first and the only one bidder when Quicksnipe executes your bid in the last seconds of the auction.

How do I know if I won the auction?

Login to your account and go to the "Completed" section. If your auction is highlighted in green, then it means you won the auction.. Congratulations! You can also check the direct eBay page at any time by clicking on the item number next to the item. If your auction is highlighted in white, then it means you lost the auction because your bid was not high enough to place or some another reason. Check the results column for reason on why a auction may not have been won, this can give you good insight for future bids.

My bid was higher than the winning price. However, I'm not the winner. Auction's status indicates "Bid too low"?

In most cases, your bid was made. However, your QuickSnipe bid was not high enough to meet the required step in bid amounts. Ebay has minimum bidding increments, which means if the item you are bidding on is currently at $20.50 with a minimum bid increment of $1.00 and your maximum bid with QuickSnipe is $21.00 then your bid will not be accepted by eBay because it must be at least $21.50. It is important to know the bid increments and adjust your max. bid accordingly when bidding on an item. Learn more about eBay bid increments.

Why did my snipe not execute and it was moved over to "Completed Snipes" section, but the auction was not even close to ending?

This is because you are placing the snipes in a bidding group. When one of the item from the bidding group is won, others are removed from the pending queue immediately, with the status "Didn't bid". Learn more in our manual about bidding groups, and when you need to use them. Do not use bidding group for ALL items you must win!

Do you support Mature Audiences Category auctions?

No, we do not. For these auctions, Identity and age assurance is needed via credit card information. We are not keeping any credit card information at this time.

How reliable is your system?

We have successfully placed bids on 10's of thousands of ebay auctions. We believe we have the fastest and most reliable sniper service available today. Our internal statistics shows we have 100% success rate for 6 days per week, and between 99% and 100% success rate approximately 1 day per week (which most often depends on eBay failures - which are out of our control). All buyers should be aware that there are many factors that can cause delays in bids. This includes hardware failures or networks resetting. This is a problem with the Internet in general and can not be completely eliminated. Since, our system works directly with eBay, we are only as good as eBay's network. If eBay's network is slow, we will also be slow. Increasing your delta time is the best way to combat this problem.

How do you keep your time settings the same as eBay's?

We monitor ebay's time throughout the day with our sofware. Our software is "self updating" so if we are off even by a second with ebay time our software will update itself and ensure a proper snipe.

What are the benefits of using QuickSnipe?

There are numerous advantages to using our system:

  1. Our system is extremely fast and reliable. Using your own computer, or depending on yourself to snipe an auction is 100% unreliable.
  2. Never firget about an auction again. Place your bid 5 days before the auction closes to ensure you don't forget about the auction. QuickSnipe will wait for your auction to close and bid within your delta time automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  3. QuickSnipe makes sure you are the last bidder on the auction. This will ensure that you have the final chance to win.

What is the best Delta Time?

Delta Time is the time to place your bid before the auction closes. Contrary to popular belief. A lower delta time is NOT always better! A 10 second delta time is the best delta time to use! Yes, a 10 second delta time is better than other snipers using 5 second delta times. Why? When a bid is placed, you place your 'highest bid' at 10 seconds before the auction close. Once your bid is placed, you will actually beat all 5 second snipers because the 10 second was bid 'first' and a 'tie' in bid will go to you. 10 seconds is also short enough that any manual bidders will not have time to try and 'rebid'.

What are advantages of a LONGER Delta Time?

A little unkown fact about sniping is that it is not critical to be the last bidder on an auction. The most important thing is that you do not reveal your bid to any "manual" bidders. That way they are not influenced by your bid to place a higher bid at the last minute. In our testing it is difficult (but possible) to read a new bid at 10 seconds before expiration and still place a new higher bid manually. It is virtually impossible to read a new bid at 5 seconds and manually place another bid. Therefore, we believe there is no advantage to placing a snipe any closer than 5 seconds to auctions close. Remember that if another snipe is placed that has a higher bid than yours, you will not win regardless of whose bid is placed first. The only circumstance where time is important between two competing snipes is when they are for the same amount. In that instance the snipe placed EARLIER (longer number of seconds before close) will win- thus the advantage for having a longer Delta Time.

If an eBay item bidding starts at $15, yet also states "reserve not met", how does QuickSnipe bid? Does it start at $15, and then jumps all the way to the maximum offer entered? Does it have a way of trying bids inbetween, to find the item's miminum reserve?

QuickSnipe bids automatically at the max. amount you set, once and and only once.

What's happening to the completed auctions records? Do you keep them in database, or erase them?

We are not archiving these records. "Completed Items" more than 6 months old, are automatically deleted each day, and can not be recovered. If it's necessary for you to keep your QuickSnipe records, do a backup of this section manually, simply saving pages from your browser (clicking on "File" -> "Save as" browser menu).

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