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What is an Auction Sniper?

Auction sniping is when you place a bid in the last few seconds of an eBay auction. Quicksnipe automates the eBay sniping process by allowing you to identify an auction for sniping, define a maximum bid amount and the amount of time (in seconds) you want the bid to be executed before the auction closes. This information is then used to automatically place a bid on that auction item, at the predefined time. This allows you to bid on items without "tipping your hand" and letting other bidders know how high you are willing to go. It completely eliminates the chance that you or other bidders will get emotionally carried away, in a last minute bidding war. Using our sniper also gives you the ability to cancel a bid in the final minutes of an auction, if and when you find something more appealing.

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QuickSnipe's Key Features:

Convenient "QuickSnipe It!" Feature - Easily submit snipes while searching eBay with "QuickSnipe It!" via quick submit window.

Group bidding - bid on several of the same items from different sellers, once you win the amount of items specified, the remaining snipes will be cancelled automatically.

Be warned when your maximum bid has been exceeded - auction price is checked every 8 hours and 1 hour before the auction ends, and you will receive email notification if your maximum bid amount has been exceeded. You can also be notified on your mobile phone!

Unbelievable customer support! We have an internal help desk to address any questions you may have with Quicksnipe.com. This allows us to provide a fast and convenient customer support experience.


Security Features:

Secure SSL encryption for all data transfer. This ensures your eBay login information is secure from possible eavesdroppers.

Your sensitive login information is encrypted in our database. Since, we are responsible for your secure information we strive to provide the best security possible.

We will never share your personal information with a third party. We understand the importance of privacy and would never divulge any of your sensitive or secure information.

eBay Strategies...

Learn more about techniques and tools used by the pros to win more auctions.

Search Tool with Misspelling Option
Everyday, many items slip through the cracks of eBay because of misspellings.
Use the Misspellings search option to locate these great items for super cheap.
Try it out, search for Olympus or Phoenix Suns and your sure to find items that sellers have listed with misspellings.
**This tool will also do normal eBay searches. Leave search option blank.
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Correct and Misspellings

QuickSnipe is compatible with the following eBay sites:

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Why Choose QuickSnipe?

Our ultra-reliable bidding software automatically places your bid seconds before the auction ends - No more babysitting your auctions!

Unlimited auctions - Set up as many items for sniping as you like, cancel them or update them at any time before auctions end.

No Software downloads or constant updates! - If you use standalone sniper software you will need to constantly get updates because eBay is always making changes. With our software your computer can be turned off and our servers(99.999% uptime) do all the work.

Try it for Free - We let you try out our service for free, you get 3 free successful snipes, that result in a winning bid. Once you see how easy and convienent sniping is, you will never bid the old way again.

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